• Resourceful management
  • Sophisticated environment and facilities
  • Extremely skilled, experienced and qualified faculty members.
  • HOD with enormous industrial and technical expertise
  • Steady in producing outstanding results
  • Fully equipped laboratory and equipment as per syllabus
  • Team work with all effort
  • Students have participated in industrial visits in and around Tamilnadu


  • Industrial visits for students
  • Student development program
  • Courses which improves soft skills of student
  • Faculty development program
  • Entrepreneurship development program
  • Sufficient internet facility


  • Competition between engineering college
  • Leading college with more intake
  • Lack of innovative thinking in students.
  • Industries and companies providing low salary for fresher’s
  • Inclination of students towards arts and science group

Future Plans of the Department:

  • Providing high profile job opportunities
  • Making the department paperless and digital
  • Developing students innovative thinking


Civil Engineers Association - Geocon Objective: To shape the students in Technical, Professional and Managerial skills, and to bring in industrial personnel for interaction Objective: To build the students confidence along with the Technical skill, and to give a platform for implementing their real time ideas. Programs: About 8-10 programs per year will be organized.


Special Features Total Station (Surveying Instrument) A total station is a combination of an electronic theodolite and an electronic distance meter. Nowadays this instrument is commonly used in a constructional field. Used to measure Angle, Distance, Coordinate, Resection, Setting out, etc. The data is easily transferred to a computer where it can be used to generate a map. Recording data-Recording Menu.. Transferring the required data with SFX Function.