• Adequate Budget and Utilization
  • Well Experienced and Qualified Faculty and Staff as per Norms
  • Well maintained Theory Course Files and Laboratory Manuals.
  • Well equipped Class Room with Audio Visual Aids


  • Student’s Placements in Core areas.
  • MoU’s with Leading Industries
  • To promote Research activities for all Faculties and Students by using VLSI Laboratory


  • Preparing the students with different rural backgrounds
  • Predicting the future trends in core industry placements
  • Improvement of communication skills of students.
  • Achieving 100% students’ placement through campus recruitment
  • To prepare employable students on the face of ever changing technology and thrust areas

Future Plans of the Department:

  • To make all Class Room in the department as E-Class Rooms
  • To files for patents
  • To apply for more Research Project from various Funding Agencies
  • To provide more Industry-Institution Relationship for time needs of the Industry as Student / Faculty projects.
  • To have more number of MoU’s with Industries and Foreign Universities
  • To create more number of Research Laboratories


Mechanical Engineering Association Objective: To shape the students in Technical, Professional and Managerial skills, and to bring in industrial personnel for interaction Programs: About 10-15 programs per year will be organized


Research Activities are carried out in the following Areas : Heat Transfer Enhancement Low Energy Space Cooling Functionally Graded Materials Natural Ventilation using Solar Energy Hybrid Solar Hot Water Systems Flexible Mechanics Service Quality Management Vibration Analysis of Rotating Systems